Donegal’s Great Outdoors

Here's a special guide just for birdwatchers, fishermen, hill walkers, lovers of scenery and rock climbers.

In association with Iain Miller’s Unique Ascent, here’s the tour to find the best walks, scenic views and places for fishing and birdwatching. Into Rock Climbing, Sea Stack Climbing, Mountaineering, Mountain training courses and adventure holidays? Get in touch with Iain to really maximise the thrill of exploring the many adventures on offer here. The best walks, scenic views and places for fishing and birdwatching are all here. Everywhere the outdoors aficionado could want to go in the vast county of Donegal can be found on your GPS device. With this guide, you can now find all of the outdoor spots to make your trip to Donegal a success.

We have the information on all of the essential places and details you’ll need. Simply download all of the material on to your GPS device and have a great time. Beaches and golf courses are located in our Activities tour. NOTE: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence.

Please note the videos in the iFrame above only play when downloaded on your device, not on this website.