Best of Ulster

Enjoy the very best attractions of the province's other eight counties from causeways to Nevin’s cuisine.

As you’ll have figured out, this app is primarily about Donegal, but we need to tell you about some great points of interest in the province of Ulster. There are nine counties in Ulster, three of which, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are in the Republic of Ireland.

We’d be short sighted to only tell you about Donegal gems when you are so close to others that will make your holiday. No doubt there will be people who think we have missed an obvious attraction. We have tried to vary the selection as much as possible: outdoor activity, heritage sites, arts centres and hidden gems are all included. In the categories, you will find each of the POIs down under the county section so for example you will find the Giant’s Causeway under the County Antrim section.

Best to add what you like to our Favourites by clicking on the star in the top right of each POI to set up an itinerary. Let us know of other places you enjoyed and think we should include in future editions. NOTE: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence.

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