Overhauled 2014 Donegal App is now available for smart phones & sat navs

Two years on from the 2012 Leap Day that it first appeared, the Donegal App’s 2014 offering has been launched with significantly increased material for the north west tourist to enjoy. New additions include tours of Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Gems, a Best of Ulster guide and a Best of the Donegal Bay area. We’ve also produced an exciting new promo video for our 2014 app and we now have a new website. Not bad for a free app.

We’ve had a complete rethink into how we can offer the tourist the ultimate chance to sit down and plan a truly exciting visit to Ireland’s most beautiful region. Picture the scene, you download the new 2014 app onto your iPad and with it, you not only get to read about where the great places are (and Favourite them for your itinerary), you find out all you need to know about them, their contact details and finally you get to see a YouTube video on why you would want to go there. That’s right, where available we have found the most original YouTube video to allow you to savour the wonder of that place. There are hundreds to view***. The mapping system has moved from Google to Apple Maps and will soon allow for turn-by-turn directions on iOS devices.

Coming in at 50 meg, the new 2014 app is extraordinarily detailed in what it offers the visitor to the north west. The big travel news in 2014 is the Wild Atlantic Way from Donegal to Cork. We have included all of the discovery points, north west secrets and ambassadors that Failte Ireland refers to along the Donegal coast and have augmented those Points of Interest (POIs) with a host of other hidden gems we know of to ensure you don’t miss a single treat along the Way’s most picturesque section – 97 POIs in total. We’ve included the best places to eat, visit and stay along the way with all restaurants having won awards or acclaim for their efforts, with seafood a speciality of course. Accommodation ranges from glamping in Creeslough to a castle by the shores of Lough Swilly.

In our preparation for 2014, we felt we were being a bit narrow in our focus on just Donegal in previous years – is that really the way a tourist works? Of course not! We needed to ensure that the curious tourist based in Donegal had the material on the app to go to the Giant’s Causeway or Toddsleap Adventure centre or Yeats Country down in Sligo. With our new guides, we have added all of the information needed to make that happen. To that end, we are delighted to announce a full audio tour of Yeats Country containing a comprehensive audio guide on both his poems and his favourite haunts. Drive along and be told as you round a corner about Dooney Rock or the Sally Gardens of Ballysdare. Sticking to the northern half of Donegal Bay? You’re in for a treat – all of the hidden gems along the coastal route to Sliabh Liag cliffs are there for you to discover. Starting your holiday in Belfast? Follow the coast all the way to Sligo via the causeway coast and wild Atlantic with our guide – there is nothing quite like it for its depth of material and sheer innovation.

This cross-platform app offers a comprehensive travel app where audio, visual and social media platforms are incorporated into the information for your convenience. Not only can you connect to a place’s website, send them an email or call them with a click, but you’ll see any interesting YouTube video that exists out there on them. Best of all, the service works offline so that you will not be charged roaming charges when exploring the county*.

There are a total of eight tours within the one app, namely: –

Donegal’s Arts and heritage – 82 of the best places to visit from trad music to festivals, theatres to museums and the pick of the county’s crafts artists.
Donegal’ Activities – a guide featuring 75 places for water sports, golf courses, adventure, horse riding & places for children to enjoy.
Best of the Donegal Bay area – 91 POIs from Sliabh Liag sea cliffs to a Yeats Country audio tour, find all of the bay’s treasures.
Best of Inishowen – the northern peninsula that rewards you with 105 hidden gems.
Best of Ulster – enjoy 68 of the very best attractions of the province’s other eight counties from causeways to Nevin’s cuisine.
Donegal’s Greatest ‘shrines’ – from the sacred to the sublime, here are 24 special parts of the county that are worth discovering.
Donegal’s Great Outdoors – here’s a special guide of 80 POIs just for birdwatchers, fishermen, hill walkers and lovers of scenery.
Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Gems – experience nearly 100 of the most enthralling places to visit, stay and eat on Ireland’s finest coastal drive.

The 2014 app is now live in the App Store and Google Play where all eight tours download automatically for you**. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for further updates or for feedback/suggestions. Please note that all tours are subject to acceptance of the Licence terms. Available on iPhone, Android, Garmin or TomTom devices – click on the various guides at the top of the page to download onto your device.

March 2014: The Donegal App has been completely overhauled for 2014 with close on 600 places of interest to enjoy. It now includes the other counties of Ulster as well as Leitrim and Sligo together with a host of YouTube clips*** where found on places of interest.
*Please check with your service provider first. O2 pay-as-you-go SD card recommended.
**2014 version is out now on Google Play and the App Store – 50 meg of space is required.
***Clips only play on downloaded devices, not on the Donegal App website. Ensure you are on the latest version of Apple and Android OS to enjoy these videos.


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