The countdown commences

“… We need the sweet pain of anticipation to tell us we are really alive.”
― Albert Camus

For fans of Mad Men, the long wait is nearly over. The seventh and final series starts on the 13th of April if you’re living Stateside and three more gruelling days after that if you’re over here.

We’re told to expect the unexpected; the trailer below reminds us how exquisite the whole production of it is from the wit of Roger Sterling to the complexities of Don Draper/Dick Whitman. Then there are the plush sets, the verisimilitude, the layered stories, the soundtrack, the outfits – it’s a series of Edward Hopper paintings brough to life. Put simply,  it is the best thing on television in a post Breaking Bad world.

The new series, like Breaking Bad is being delivered in two sets – each of seven episodes, with the grand finale coming in 2015. Creator Matthew Weiner has hired in some big guns such as Oscar-winning scriptwriter, Robert Towne to get it right. Fans of the series Lost still shudder at how badly a well-loved series can end when not enough time goes into wrapping up those loose ends.

The Donegal App has saluted Don Draper with our very own video, juxtaposing his easy charm with the wonders of the county. The video takes a minute to get into, but listening to how Draper reels in his ‘catch’ is always a pleasure to watch. His message in the piece appealed to us and with all apologies to copyright holders AMC and Lionsgate, we took the rather large liberty of mixing it with our own brand. Technology is indeed a glittering lure which can give a sentimental bond to the public – we believe that for fans of Donegal, our service offers emigrants a chance to remember the many wonders they left behind and for visitors, it serves as a reminder of a very special holiday. We’d like to think it acts as a portal to a host of happy memories – both delicate and potent.

The great thing about Donegal though is that it will always be there – in our hearts and in our heads. But don’t just reminisce about the place; plan your next trip, whet your appetite by looking at the myriad sights and sounds we have conjured up and crafted into one handy smart travel guide for your pleasure and then book it. Open up our app today on your iPad, watch one of the many YouTube videos on offer and ‘favourite’ a dozen or so places for that Summer 2014 trip. Relish the frisson of excitement as you discover another hidden gem and savour the fact that by doing so, you are in a way already there.