Who are we?

The free Donegal App service is a division of racontour® GPS travel guides devised by John Ward, a native who has covered every acre of the county having grown up in south Donegal and lived in north Donegal for several years. This free App ensures that the very best that Donegal has to offer is made easily accessible. Email info@racontour.com for further details or visit the racontour® website to see further apps and guides that we have done in other parts of the country.

Native Device Apps for iPhone & Android

Donegal App offers an easy to use multimedia App. With it, you have eight detailed guides downloadable in one App for either iPhone or Android. Once downloaded onto their Smartphones, visitors will have all of the information they need on the key places of interest at their fingertips and are available offline without any streaming charges. They can find out about and then contact any place of interest, all from their Smartphones. It also works on Garmin and TomTom devices.

Donegal in the palm of your hand

The new app is now out in both Google Play and the App Store. Use the Favourites button in the top right of every Point of Interest page to bookmark places that caught your eye. With this tailored information to hand, you will have your handmade itinerary set out for your visit to Donegal. Best enjoyed in a WiFi zone on an iPad where you can enjoy the array of YouTube videos from each of the Points of Interest mentioned. Speaking of YouTube videos, watch our Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Gems video to see how we are spoilt with a sublime seascape.