2013 Donegal App’s new additions

We’re delighted to be adding three new sections to the Donegal App for 2013 – accommodation, food and drink and a ‘What’s On Guide’ courtesy of our good friends What’s On Donegal. The numbers for these new sections is been deliberately kept down and is on an invite-only policy. We wish to keep up the high standard of the app to date and if a place has passed the test, then it will hopefully feature. We will require a reasonable fee to cover our costs, time and effort and after that, it’s over to the visitor.

With these new guides, we believe we will be offering something very special to the visitor to Donegal in the year of The Gathering on the devices they have in their pocket or in the car to guide them around the county. The very best of Donegal is all theirs to enjoy for free. If they like the sound of your business, they can click a button that shows them how to get to you. If they want to book dinner, they can click to be be connected to your restaurant. If your trad pub have a thriving social media page, they can be kept up to speed about the big do on Saturday night and if you have nice audio clip or a captivating video, that can be added too.

Nowhere else in Ireland has anything like this – a cross platform app that has been designed with the tourist in mind told in an informative yet informal manner and featuring a ‘first team’ of attractions that can boast a stellar range of things to see and do. Donegal has the talent, the scenery, the culture, the food and the hospitality and with the app, we have the innovation that can reach directly into the GPS device of the would-be tourist. Even the weather can’t stop us – here’s to a great 2013. Tell all your friends about our innovation and let’s show them Donegal at its best.